About Cascade Learning

Established in 2009 Cascade Learning is based in Worthing, West Sussex and work with clients all over the South East, primarily in the business to business service sector, hospitality, financial, public and charity sectors.

A team of engaging trainers, who are hugely knowledgeable in their respective specialties work closely with our clients to uncover their specific learning needs and design bespoke programmes to deliver them in alignment with organisational objectives.

About the Founder - Jules MacMillan

Founder of Cascade, and Managing Director, Jules MacMillan has been working in learning & development since 2001, with a previous background in sales & marketing, and specialises in leadership & behavioural change. Highly motivated and with a strong commercial focus she is passionate about making learning fun, memorable and easy to apply. So much so she designed the LEARN Model, a methodology designed to introduce a level of accountability for learning and a way in which to measure its impact on the individual learner and the organisation.


Our Core values:

Fun – to make learning engaging & enjoyable, providing a safe environment to ask questions, express views and practice techniques

Enthusiasm – for all trainers to demonstrate energy and enthusiasm about the topic and to encourage delegate participation

Respect – to show an appreciation & understanding of learners’ individuality and tailor content to match all learning styles

Professionalism – to show honesty and integrity and for all trainers to have a high level of applied knowledge of the subject matter

Success – to enable learners to enhance and improve their existing skills to gain greater achievements by applying learning long term



When it comes to memory it's been said that we retain 10% of what we read, 50% of what we hear & see and 90% of what we say & do. This is why at Cascade we focus primarily on face to face L&D solutions that incorporate all four learning styles to ensure the maximum amount of information is retained and applied long term.

And, whatever your organisational objectives are, be they increases in sales, profit, innovation, reactiveness, customer service levels or employee engagement, it is crucial to make sure your L&D activities are in alignment with them to ensure organisational success & growth.

To ensure this happens we utilise our LEARN MODEL to establish how you can achieve organisational objectives & overcome key issues through your staff. We then support your staff with our LEARN model as we know how important it is to ensure you get a return on your L&D investment.

Reasons to invest in staff learning & development with Cascade:

·                     Retain your best staff, saving on recruitment & induction costs

·                     Increase performance levels & productivity

·                     Boost morale, assertiveness & internal communication

·                     Improve customer service levels

Cascade Approach – Measure the Impact of Learning

At Cascade we use our unique Cascade Approach to aid with long term retention & application of material.

This process really helps to bed in the learning, brings with it a high level of accountability and aids application back in the workplace – reinforcing ROI and measurability.

LEARN Model – Embed the Learning Long Term

To ensure that all training is embedded & used as much as possible we strongly recommend incorporating measures to track development and outcomes of any L&D activity.

This is why we recommend using our LEARN model to help retain & apply the learning long term:

Learn          listen, observe, take notes, discuss & do

Explain       within 7 days tell someone everything that you can recall from the programme

Apply          have an action plan of how you will apply what you have learned

Reveal        demonstrate to others how you have applied it & what the results were

Nurture       teach the content of what you learned to others

To find out more about how our Cascade Approach & LEARN Model can benefit your organisation please contact us today on 01903 251066.

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