Ardingly College

Cascade have worked with an independent School in the South East  for over 7 years, offering a range of 1-2 day courses, focussing on specific skills that people needed to support their roles; presentation skills, supervisor skills, time management and management fundamentals.

Building on that foundation, they asked if we could extend the programme with a specific focus on management and communication skills. They decided to engage Cascade to deliver their 7-day Practical Manager course, over 2018.

Being held once a month, and including peer review sessions held between each course, they have seen an impact, with managers having a clearer understanding of their role as managers, and tangible evidence of the learning being transferred into performance management processes, such as effective appraisals with smart objectives being implemented.

A Trusted Partner

“We use Cascade for their management training because of the deep understanding they have built about the college and the wide variety of roles that people have, from catering to admin or grounds-keeping.

They pitch things at just the right level so that, despite coming from very different backgrounds in many cases, everyone feels that they belong to one supportive team.

The Cascade team have outstanding knowledge of management skills around most aspects of the managerial role. They break it down into manageable chunks and you can pick and choose the right elements from a menu of courses, allowing us to build up the right skills for everyone.

Jules MacMillan, Cascade’s Director of Learning, has been working with us for so long now that she is seen as part of the team. Some members of staff started with a 1-day course, and then as their career has developed, have gone onto do more intensive ones, so Jules has really been there through a journey with many of our people.”

“Jules has built an excellent rapport with delegates and helped build their confidence in tackling the many issues that face them as line managers.”

“We’ve been using Cascade for over 7 years now and have been delighted with their ability to understand the varying needs of the people who work here. We have had a number of managers and supervisors attend these courses, and it’s great to see them putting into practice things they have picked up from the course and the positive reaction of those that work in their teams”

 N. Smart, HR Director