Cascade and Denplan have been learning partners for over 10 years, with Denplan offering in-house training focussing on the technical elements that staff need to know, and Cascade delivering on skills that complement that practical delivery.

Staff members participate in several programmes during their Denplan career:

  • Customer Enagagement using NLP
  • Building Adaptability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Away Days
  • Takign Control of Change
  • Communicating Effectively
The Denplan Way

Denplan pride themselves on their focus on their team members, from the day they start with the organisation to the day they leave.

Staff benefits are seen as being far more than just salary and bonuses, focussing on employee health and wellbeing as well. Investment in their development is seen as a large part of that culture.

Regular courses have been offered to individuals to empower them in their business skills, emotional intelligence and personal development.

Changing Times

When Denplan became part of Simplyhealth, they wanted to proactively manage that transition. They asked Cascade to deliver a change management programme for managers enabling them to positively manage that change in themselves and their teams, resulting in more staff engagement and empowerment.

“We’re probably a bit different from other companies. When we think of training and development, we’re not always looking to address a specific business need or objective. We view development as part of our organisational culture, and it works within our wellbeing strategy as a benefit to staff, not just so they have added skills for their role, but for their personal development as well.”

Natalie Dixey, Senior Talent and Development Specialist

What made you choose to use Cascade each time?

“Cascade are a brilliant partner because they fit with our culture. They truly understand our organisation and their courses are relaxed and informal, giving people time out of their day jobs to learn new things and develop themselves.

We want our staff to feel valued and Cascade allow us to show that, through their courses.

Their training style matches our values and ethos and it’s just a perfect fit.”