South Downs Leisure

Duncan’s teams were struggling with their new roles, and their teams were showing signs of neglect. Managers weren’t talking to their teams and disciplinaries were a big issue.

Cascade listened to the challenges outlined by the senior management team, and then asked each participant to feed in with their thoughts on the problems as well.

Internal Attitudes

Jules MacMillan, Managing Director at Cascade, found out quickly that managers did not value 121s. They felt they were something to ‘get out of the way’ so they could get on with their real jobs. They didn’t understand that, by identifying what each team member needed and by supporting and coaching them to improve and develop, that they could then ask more of their teams and gain productive time back.

The Practical Manager

Cascade’s management training course was used to address this issue, with additional time and focus being spent on the problem facing the trust.

The Impact

“The training has added strength and depth to the backbone of the organisation. We now have lots of strong managers, and a happier workforce.

Our managers now appreciate the importance of supporting their staff and understand that if there is a disciplinary where the person has not received the right 121s, they are the person who is ultimately responsible. Disciplinaries have reduced because of the training courses.

The participants of the Practical Manager course were tasked with creating a video about 121s for a homework assignment. I was so impressed with it, and it resonates so well with staff, that I have now added it into our standard inhouse management training for new recruits.

We’ve found that staff turnover has increased a little. But I think of that as really positive. To me it means that people have new skills to further their careers, which in turn means that there are positions available for people internally to move into. It means that we have a great progression track, and fresh ideas.”

“There can be some anxiety on the course. The training pushes people to move out of their comfort zone, and that can be scary. But every time, it will be those people who come out of the course feeling the most exhilarated and have the greatest sense of accomplishment.”

“When we moved from council run leisure facilities, to an independent trust, we found that the roles we now had were a higher level. I went from General Manager to CEO, my Deputies to Directors. We had dozens of mid-level managers who didn’t have the skills needed to do the new roles they were tasked with. We needed a solution, and we got it.”

Duncan Anderson

CEO, South Downs Leisure